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How does the hiring process work?

We first do the initial screening of the candidates to evaluate qualifications. The process would take an average of 1 week. This will also depend on the type of skillset and experience you are looking for.

How do I hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines?

After you give us the profile of the candidate you need based on your budget and requirements, we’ll start the initial screening soon after. Our recruitment managers will select the top 3 candidates from the pool and will send their evaluation through email. You can choose to hire the candidate who passes your interview. Once we have coordinated and finalized the chosen candidate, your staff can begin working from home using your time zone. You can communicate with each other using a webcam through online web tools such as Skype or Ring Central.

What is the best way to manage my offshore staff?

You can communicate with each other using a webcam through online web tools such as Skype or Ring Central.

How is the quality of work by the Virtual Assistant?

We only consider a small percentage of the candidates to make it to the shortlist. They are also compensated well. Filipinos are known globally as hardworking, kindhearted and polite. It’s crucial that you clearly define the job role and communicate it with your staff to best satisfy your requirements.

How do I trust my VA?

The Operations manager and Human Resource manager are regularly collaborating with all parties to make sure everyone is working in unity. We also have online tools to monitor staff’s activity – screenshots, activity logs, and attendance time stamps. Rest assured, you can 100% trust your staff.

How do I monitor my VA?

There is an online tool that allows clients to see screenshots of their staff’s computer screens, check on time stamps, and view activity logs. We also monitor staff’s attendance and punctuality daily. Skype and webcam will also serve as your eyes, so you can see your staff any time.

What if I want to terminate a VA?

During the first six months, the VA is on a probation period. During this time, you can terminate them within 24 hours. After six months, a 14-day notice is required.

What is the cost of hiring?

There is no charge to hire a person. You only pay the hours worked.

What currency am I billed in?

US Dollars (USD) or Australian Dollars AUD

What if the employee wants to take holidays or sick days?

There is no holiday or sick pay, you are only charged for the hours worked.

How do I pay my VA?

We would send an invoice at the start of each month. We require 2 weeks or 1 month advance payment for full time and part time work each month. If you choose to hire staff on a trial basis, you only pay for 2 weeks in advance. To ensure we promptly pay your staff, it is critical that you pay on time. Full time work for a VA is 8 hours per day. Part time work consists of 4 hours per day. You only pay for the hours worked. If your staff was not able to accomplish the required hours for the day, we will credit those hours back to you the following month. Also, any overtime hours approved by you are charged on the next month’s invoice.

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