About Us

CleverworkVA has an office based in Manila, Philippines. We are a virtual assistant company with a database of Philippine professionals to help your business with tasks such as marketing, sales, customer support, content writing, graphic design, administrative support, accounting, data entry, writing, social media marketing, bookkeeping and others. We have clients in UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and America and some Asian countries.

Why the Philippines?

The country’s universities produce more than half a million new graduates every year. The Philippines boasts of a highly educated workforce and many of which are potential competent workers.

Filipinos have excellent communication skills both orally and written. English is one of the most commonly used languages next to the national language, Tagalog. One of the best reasons companies choose the Philippines for outsourcing services is the immense cost savings on labor – the quality of service remain at its best which operates by a highly effective and functional team.

Filipinos are able to adapt to different cultures and customs so you can expect your staff to be focused on your clients despite cultural and contextual differences.